Customer Care

We’ve attempted the unthinkable—mind reading!

We’ve gathered the basics together to make your life a little easier when it comes to learning more about Buddy Fruits and all of our awesomeness. But we know we’re not perfect, so if you still can’t find what you need—say hi to us at!


Where can I find Buddy Fruits?

You can buy online through our site under –Shop Now– tab! And in stores, our products are often found in the produce section but we’re sometimes hard to find amongst the large watermelons and potatoes. So take a lap around the produce section or ask a manager. And if you’re looking for our 4-packs, check out the applesauce aisle for those. We’re sold pretty much anywhere awesome including grocery, club and mass retail outlets nationwide!

How are Buddy Fruits made?

We think fruit is perfectly good by nature–so the less we mess around with it the better. We source our apples from local orchards, gently cook them in small batches before sealing goodness in the pouch. Our food technology make the pouch shelf stable without using any preservatives!

What is the shelf life of a pouch?

Our pouches are best consumed before the best by date—Our fruit pouches have a shelf life of 15 months from production.

What if consumed past this date?

Buddy Fruits pouches are shelf stable but we recommend eating before the date printed on the package. Plus we definitely think it tastes better before then!

Do you need to refrigerate?

Our fruit pouches are shelf stable and do not need to be refrigerated. We suggest storing them at room temperature. Once opened, please refrigerate and consume within 24 hours of opening.

What if the retailer refrigerates the pouch?

It is ok to place unopened pouches in room temperature conditions as long as the pouch has not been opened.

How do you open the pouches?

Right = tight and Left= Loose. Keep twisting left until you hear the seal break… we like to compare it to twisting off a water bottle cap.

Are the pouches recyclable?

At this time our pouches are not recyclable due to our mission to keep the integrity of our product safe and yummy without adding those yucky preservatives. While we look for innovative ways to make our products greener, you can recycle our packs with Terracycle.

How can you ensure fresh product without any artificial preservatives?

Our fruit puree goes through a pasteurization process to ensure that all bacteria and microorganisms are not present before sealing. The pouches then go through a 14 day hold and then samples are retested to make sure we provide the best product we can to our Buddy Fruits fans!

Where can I find coupons?

You can receive coupons regularly by joining our monthly newsletter! We also run offers here and there that utilize our retailer’s loyalty and load to card programs; so be on the lookout for offers near you! In order to help limit the amount of paper we use, we do not print paper coupons at this time.