Our Story

Our Story

Fruit, as a true buddy, brings us energy, joy, pleasure and in general: good things.

Fruits have natural powers, outstanding benefits, and delicious taste.We respect our friends; thus, we seek to keep all the greatness of fruits as intact as possible and to bring them closer to you; so, for you, enjoying fruit is easy!

You are our friend, and we promise to be genuine, inclusive, transparent, real and welcoming. Because that is what buddies are. We are authentic, non-judgmental, with us there is no need for posing, no need for faking.

Genuine, because, as a true friend, there is no need for extras unless they bring good things to you. We listen to you and we want to help you make your life better and healthier. So you can enjoy, grow and learn, and focus on life.

We also want to make it easier for others to make friends and to be a friend. Buddy Fruits supports causes that make the world a more inclusive and friendlier place (i.e. initiatives against bullying: Buddy Benches).

If you need convenience, we make it convenient. If you need to celebrate, we bring the treats to cheer with you. And if you need a pick me up, we will support you because that’s what friends are for.

We are here for you, we respect you as much as we respect fruit. As a true friend, we promise to be loyal, honest, and kind, to you and fruits.


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