Brunch Buffet


It’s the simple things that make the greatest of differences, like the simplicity you can find in the ingredients of Buddy Fruits Pouches. We let the natural goodness of fruit speak for itself, making it ideal for spreading on toast, pastries, or any of your brunch favorites!



  1. Prepare the waffles and pancakes per directions on the box, toast your favorite sliced bread, and slice the bagels and croissants in half
  2. Arrange the baked goods on a platter
  3. Wash and slice the fruit if necessary and place into bowls
  4. Serve buffet-style alongside the pouches of Buddy Fruits and the pitcher of orange juice
  5. If desired, squeeze the Fruit Pouches into small bowls with a knife or spoon for spreading
  6. Enjoy a simple, balanced, delicious breakfast!